Sunday, August 29, 2010

Interesting string of events

So a rather interesting chain of events has started happening at my airport. Five weeks ago a woman tried to come through security with a concealed box cutter blade. She was caught and taken out in handcuffs for the object being concealed on her body (also illegal to conceal prohibited items in an attempt to bypass a federal checkpoint). One week later, another lady comes through with a can of mace (not pepper spray, mace. illegal to carry in my state). She was also arrested for concealing a prohibited item. Then, last week some guy comes through with a decent sized knife concealed in his carry on bag. He was caught as well and escorted out in handcuffs.

I guess the odd thing is normal people are getting more gutsy with what they will try to bring through security. It doesn't make any sense since my airport always seems to catch these things and the people responsible always get arrested. Why would people with actual lives and families risk something like that? No one in their right mind would try to bring a gun into a court house, why would an airport be any different?

Airports have never (at least within the past 30 years) allowed people to bring guns or other harmful objects onto airplanes. Why does everyone act like these rules are so new?


  1. I remember when I forgot to put my pocketknife in my luggage instead of my hand luggage. So security found it and I had to send it to my home by mail.

    Also started following you

  2. ....because you never know when you'll need to open a box on an airplane. Just dropping by to show my respect and support for a fellow blogger ;)